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LED star curtains light your beautiful life

time:2017-12-13 editor:R-grafen

RK rental and sale curtains systems. We have LED light curtains and RGB light curtains two categories, and then divided into two categories below the various categories, there are two-color, three-color, multicolor or background curtain different.

LED RGB star curtains

In color, our main product is LED star curtain, which is usually blue and pearl white two colors (also available in other colors, can be customized), and black or white background curtain. Usually used for concerts, parties, wedding venues and other places of the layout of the event.

RGB star curtain colors are more diverse, there are red, green, gold, purple and other colors, the curtain is also colorful, with chiffon, polyester cloth, movie curtains, as long as you want, we have, but also A professional designers and engineers on your basis to provide you with advice to make your event more perfect.


RK Star curtains show

In light, 1. Unsurpassed effect is perfect in home small party used
2. Automatic color changing LED stage Light or remote control
3. Adopted latest type of material which is good for heat dissipation
4.Easy installation, perfect for household use.


LED light


LED disco light

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E-mail: manager06@raykglobal.com

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