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Electric Motor Stage Curtain Track

 RK--Motorized Curtain system
with feature of stable, smooth and low noise. Can be for beginning or the end of the performance. large, medium and small theaters, multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms, a ballroom, hotel and so on.
Track has a variety of styles:
The track can be made into several sections: 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m etc.
System control:
Button control and wireless remote control
Curtain Drapery:
Available in various color and weight.  Chiffon, Velvet, Velour, Poly Premier and so on.
Type for track: one side open, two side open
One side open: maximum length 15 meters with one motor
Two side open: maximum length 30 meters with two motor

stage curtain track system

Product Feature:                                                                  
1:  In-phase motor , large torque, can drive 200 KG fabric.
2: Track length and moving speed can be adjusted.
3: Framework has time-lapse and over current protection.
4. Track is steady and low voice.


Curtain Drapery are available in various color and weight. Such as Chiffon, Velvet, Velour, Poly Premier and so on.  

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Stage Curtain Track

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