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The story of RK Client and me

time:2017-08-17 editor:R-grafen
RK is a professional supplier of all kind of event items, such as: pipe and drape, stage, backdrop kits,curtain,Flight case etc. We focused on high quality and professional service.
This is sandy (my client) and my story.
We met in Pro-light show on February, Sandy is running a great company, so I remembered that he was mainly looking for some lighting systems.
When he came to our booth, After look around the case, he open the catalog picture and asked: what is the material of this road case?
‘Rigid PVC Laminate’ I said.
After I finish my words, he has written the words as note in our catalog, I was amazing that he is the first one to make detailed notes on paper. 
‘How to connect these 2 panels? ’
‘And what is it on the back? Is it empty on the back’
He asked more details on our item, after that we have took a picture, share with you all.

RK and Rk's client

After few days, we talk more details about the customized case, also some dance floor. here is the final order we talked about, some cases and some dance floor in white & black. Actually Sandy is a patient, conscientious and considerate person, he not only ask the specification of items, like the thickness of dance floor tile, the connecting method, the replace spare parts if falling down, but also care some more details our dancing floor maintenance method and the solution.

dance floor

By the way, What is the item we talked about? Dance floor, it is a kind of background decor, it is widely used in party, wedding, banquet hall, concert, event. While case, it is mainly for storage and prevent the equipment from damage during transportation.
Finally, our items finished, look! The panels detailed picture and the install picture, also as reward the kindness, I apply the new product sample for him.

dance floor,flight case,black & white dance floor,LED/RGB/PVC dance floor,wooden dance floor
A real story, hope you would love it, if you interest in some of our event item, just feel free to contact Demi ( E:sales01@raykevent.com or Whatsapp:+8615013704348)
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