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Hot sale road case from RK factory direct selling

Model: RK8UED flight case
* Beefy, Stackable Ball Corners
* Double Anchor Industrial Rivets
* Recessed, Industrial Grade Latches
* Recessed, Industrial Grade Handle
* Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
* Premium 3/8” Vinyl Laminated Plywood
* Tongue and Groove Locking Fit
* Velvet Interior
* ATA 300 Rating

flight case
1, 5mm-18mm plywood
2, Aluminum alloy frame with iron corner caps and butterfly metal locks, durable bracket, recessed flip handle, edge lining, etc hardware.
3, 3.5” or 4” wheels for moving
4, Foram or EVA or egg foram inside for protection
5, Size and color can be customized
6, Quality is stable and durable, and the price is competitive
7, Sample case is allowed

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Flight case package

  • Hot sale road case from RK factory direct
  • Flight Case Package 450x450x5mm base
  • Flight Case Package for 6-14'upright
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