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Advantage of our LED light curtain is that we use high brightness SMD LED lamps instead of original 5mm LED lamps which is at least 3 times better than the 5mm ones which is very easy to dead and damaged.

led light star backdrop wall curtain drapery

all kinds of star light curtain drapery

Led Star Curtain


Voltage:AC 90V-260V, 50HZ

Channels: 8 channels

Led: 120pcs(High brightness led) 

Color: singe color mixed (R/G/B/W/Y/UV/BW/RGBW/RGBY) 

Operation modes: All LEDs on; DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run

Program: 14 pre-set program (set DMX address to choose program)

Material: Fireproof velvet fabric

LED star curtain

RGB Star Curtain


Voltage:AC 90V-260V, 50HZ

Channels; 6 channels

Led: 64pcs RGB (High brightness led) 

Color :RGB

Operation modes; All LEDs on; DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run

Program: LCD display, SD card (16 pre-set program)

Material:  Fireproof velvet fabric

RGB star curtain

Star Curtain Application Venue

led star curtain

star curtain

led drapery

led light event drapery

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Star Curtain

  • RGB&LED star curtain stage
  • Trade Show Use Motorized Stage
  • RK wedding/party decorate LED/R
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