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RK offers wooden dance floor, black and white dance floor. We will collaborate with members of your team for a stress free production. We also supply the best in pipe and drape, led star curtain, stage truss, flight case. Whether it is a wedding, fashion show, gala, or party, our staff will work with you to develop a theme and set the mood for your event.


dance floor for eventdance floor for eventLED dance floor for event


RK Wooden Dance Floors With Beautiful Design & Construction


  • Unique design with Aluminum and Plywood 30mm thickness construction 
  • Six popular colour types to select ,and also can make customs colour
  • Less time to set up
  • No moving parts or connector plates to break or lose
  • Dance floor will not creep or come apart
  • Bearing capacity :750kg / Square meters
  • Widely used in wedding/events/party/exhibition/Restaurants/bar/Grogshop/meeting rooms/School/Hotel/Trade show/Stage etc


six popular colour types dance floor


RK portable dance floor material:


plywood and aluminum frame. 1 mm different color Fire prevention board surface


plywood and aluminum frame

size dance floor


How to Installation RK Dance floor?


installing dance floor


Step 1: Joining together many dance floor platform first, then put away the square edge aluminum and bevel edge aluminum on the side;
Step 2: Please use the accessories "Hex key" into the floor platform screw Clockwise turn joining together.


installing dance floor
installing dance floor


Then complete OK.


RK portable dance floors installation time and Maximum capacity


Dance floor Size Installation Time 2 people Maximum Capacity
12ft × 12ft 10 minutes 30
15ft × 15ft 15 minutes 50
18ft × 18ft 20 minutes 75
20ft × 20ft 25 minutes 100
30ft×30ft 30 minutes 150
40ft × 40ft 35 minutes 200


For example, 9pcs 1m×1m dance floor to made 3m×3m. Need 8pcs bevel edge. 4pcs straight edge. Picture as below:


9pcs 1m×1m dance floor installation

dance floor with edge


Low Maintenance Wooden Dance Floors

1, High gloss finish is easy to clean with normal cleaning fluids
2, Durable aluminum framing and components will not rust
3, Refinishes easily
4, DanceDeck specially formulated Professional Dance Floor cleaner available for optimum cleaning


cleaning dance floor


RK Dance floor factory detail picture:


RK's dance floor


RK dance floor carton shipping weight and packing list


Dance floor RKW-DFP3X3 2 1 12.50 25 13.00 26 105.0 105.0 9.0 0.099 0.099
Straight edge RKW-DFR3X3-S 10 1 1.40 14 1.50 15 105.0 20.0 20.0 0.042 0.042
Bevel edge RKW-DFR3X3(BX) 10 1 1.5 15 1.6 16 115.0 20.0 20.0 0.046 0.046
Dance floor RKW-DFP1X1 2 1 13.00 26 14.00 28 107.0 107.0 10.0 0.114 0.114
Straight edge RKW-DFR1X1-S 10 1 1.50 15 1.70 17 110.0 20.0 20.0 0.044 0.044
Bevel edge RKW-DFR1X1(BX) 10 1 1.6 16 1.8 18 125.0 20.0 20.0 0.050 0.050
Dance floor RKW-DFP4X4 2 1 17.5 35 18.00 36 127.0 127.0 10.0 0.161 0.161
Straight edge RKW-DFR4X4-S 10 1 1.8 18 2 20 130.0 20.0 20.0 0.052 0.052
Bevel edge RKW-DFr4X4(BX) 10 1 1.9 19 2 20 140.0 20.0 20.0 0.056 0.056


Why purchase from RK




We have been designing and manufacturing dance floor, flight case, pipe and drape for near 20 years. Our leading design teams and strict quality control systems ensure each product from RK is reliable and ideal deals. Our quality products have well met demands of all clients around the world.


2.Fastest Delivery


With our own factory and product line, RK can ensure the fastest delivery in the industry. What's more, we have accumulated rich resources in shipping channels, which also promise our fastest delivery time. Our standard dance floor can be finished within 7-15 working days and those custom-made within 8-15 working days.


3.Lowest Price


We are committed to providing the most affordable products for all customers. We have our own factory and massive production line. This ensures that we can procure all materials at much lower price than our competitors. We promise all products from RK are the most affordable in the industry.


4.RK Professional sales team


Except for concerns for quality and price, RK always regards good service as its top priority. "Just give us a call or sent us an email, you can leave the rest of work to RK" is what RK team always stick to perform.


dance floor products,sales team

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