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RK Stage for Event

time:2017-09-15 editor:R-grafen
If you're hosting an event and looking for a stage, you've come to the right place. We've been manufacturing stages for over 10 years and we'd like to think that we know our stuff when it comes to different stage layouts, surfaces, applications and what may work best for you.
RK stage system event
Need a stage for a outdoor concert, festival or other musical event? Here we are happy to introduce our aluminum stage with roof truss system. This type of stage is highly strong and most popular in outdoor events. First, with the roof truss system, you will not worry about the rain when it is suddenly rainy in the middle of your show. Second, it is big enough so lots of guests can enjoy the performance. Third, it is very adjustable in height which make sure the stage is even when the floor is not even.   We also specialize in stage design, meaning it doesn't have to be just an elevated rectangle! Usually we can also customize round stage according to customer’s requirement.
Our staging consists of modular sections that can be configured to meet your needs. Stage heights range from 0.4m to 2m. They have a wood top that is usually industrial finish which is waterproof and comes with perimeter fabric skirting. They can be configured as a single level or multi-level.

 RK portable stage platform

Here are some hot sale aluminum stage and roof truss systems recommended to you:
(1) 6M (W) X 6M (D) X 4M (H) stage with roof truss system
(2) 10M (W) X 8M (D) X 6M (H) stage with roof truss system
(3) 18M (W) X 14M (D) X 8M (H) stage with roof truss system
If you are planning get a stage event, feel free to contact Elsa (sales04@raykevent.com) today. We will provide you with a best solution for your coming event and leave you a wonderful event day.
Send email to Elsa today to get a quote:  sales04@raykevent.com
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