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Pipe and drapes for trade show booth

time:2017-09-25 editor:R-grafen
Pipe and Drapes For Trade Show Booth ,Pipe and Drape refers to aluminum pipe, fixed or adjustable vertical uprights supported by a heavy base plate, and telescopic or fixed horizontals that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels. Pipe and Drape is used to divide, hide, or decorate a space temporarily. It is the least costly way to surround booth space at an exhibition. When the system is used for exhibition purposes and used instead of the traditional shell scheme option build time and breakdown time is significantly reduced. Pipe and drape is a great way of adding colour to what would normally be a relatively plain backdrop.

RK Trade show booth of blue & white trade show, Red trade show, black trade show etc.

Banjo drape used normally for trade show booth, it’s very economic, and this drape material is Flame Resistant, so suited for the exhibition. the drape must be "pleated" or installed with folds for a finished look. Typically 1.5-ft to 2 ft of drape is used for each running foot to be covered. The industry standard fabric for trade show drapery is Banjo. Banjo is a dobby-weave fabric made from a medium-sheen polyester yarn. It is inherently flame resistant and machine washable. Inherent flame resistance means the flame retardant characteristics will not fade with washing. Booths require two different sizes of drape: 8ft long drape which hangs between 8ft high uprights and 3ft long drape which hangs between 3ft uprights and the 3ft slot on 8ft uprights.
Rk Trade show booth dispaly

The industry standard for trade show drapery is for the drapes to be two inches shorter than the height of the upright. A typical 8ft Banjo drape is actually 94’’ in finished height with 4’’ pockets on top and bottom. This prevents the drape from hanging on the floor and allows the panel to be flipped over when the bottom is soiled or damaged.
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