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4X6m RGB Star Curtain DMX star cloth for Wedding

time:2017-09-30 editor:R-grafen
Right now, RK RGB lighting curtain has hot size 3x3m, 3x4m,4x6m, 4x8m, 5x10m with Velcro design on sale.
These star curtain system like RGB curtain, all is quite popular in stage, theatre, TV studio, theme events, home parties, nigh club, hotel banqueting halls, conference room, wedding, etc. RK can provide the professional service and most kind of event equipment to you.
Come to see the quick details of RGB curtain first:
Voltage: AV 90V-260V, 50Hz
Channels: 6 channels
Operation Modes: All LED on, DMX Control, Sound Activated; Auto Run
Program: LED display, SD card(16pre-set program)
Lights Color: 7 colors(RGB)
Colors of fabric: Flame Resistant white or black

RGB star curtain

See the above picture, the simple component= 4m High X6m Wide fireproof material white cloth+ Controllers with DMX cables. As client would like to hang on the back wall , like decorative item in wedding and connect every drape side by side, we design it as Velcro(on the side curtain) and pocket(on the top fabric). Then set the channel, lights under auto-run, flash mobs, Strobe, static etc. All the lights can work with the models, like the star in the sky.


Some of clients may ask: I don’t like the pocket style, just instead of starry curtain like star spread all over the sky, how can I make? The answer is make grommet on the 4 sides of curtain, you can connect all the lighting drapes together with string. Due to the weight of fabric(normal 3x3m piece weight 7.6kg), you are expected to use some thin material, like banjo, chiffon to cover on the top truss or pipe drape system.
If you would like to ask more advise on your event project, just feel free to contact Demi Email:sales01@raykevent.com
Whatsapp:+86 15013704348

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