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Round Portable Staging 16-24inch Height

time:2018-08-07 editor:R-grafen

Stage, event equipment, it is as important as audio visual system. While setting up platform, how will you provide your stage solution?

The applicability of the stage. You may not use spider riser stage to used in the dessert since it's inflatable ground. We probably use more stronger stage to used in the concert and chose more durable platform for water sports.

Stage size and height. As event planner, you will have a idea on the platform project by measuring indoor and outdoor space for events or counting how many guests to come to attend. After knowing these details, your stage solution done.

RK has 3 types portable stage on hot sale: smart stage, beyond stage and aluminum stage. All used in different indoor and outdoor events, If you would like to know more details and advise on choosing your stage, you can contact Demi (email: sales01@raykevent.com) for more details.

Today we recommend you stage platform in round shape. For beyond stage, we can customize for clients, you just need to provide the diameter to us, we will make drawing for your reference before production. We have industrial material, carpet as surface for beyond stage panel, and available height in 40~60cm, 50~80cm, 60~100cm, 70~120cm, 80~140cm,90~160cm etc. The picture shown is 18ft (5.46m) diameter, client told us that the stage is used in a small fashion show, then we recommend adjustable leg in 16-24inch (40-60cm) to him. He is very pleased when received the goods.

round portable staging

For more detailed advise for your event, Please contact Demi immediately.

Contact person: Demi
Skype: sales13011
Email: sales01@raykevent.com
WhatsApp: +86 15013704348

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