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RK portable stage outdoor concert stage sale

time:2018-09-07 editor:R-grafen

Rack In the Cases Limtied is a professional manufacturer for stage and truss, RK was the Designated Stage Supplier of the Misss Super of The World from 2011, RK stage and truss have big market in the world, all of the event stage and truss have TUV, ISO certificates, RK always keep it mind that The quality is the first, in every process, from the material choosing, producing, and packing, every process will have the Commission to do the quality control.

RK portable stage outdoor concert stage sale

RK portable stage, there are smart stage, aluminum stage, beyond stage and folding stage. RK stage main material is plywood and aluminum, the plywood platform is 18mm for all the stage, The thickness with aluminum frame for different stage is different, the smart stage with frame thickness is 30mm, it is the most convenient stage for carrying and installing, it is relatively slight compared with the others type stage, but it have very good loading capability too, about 750KGS/Sq.m, is was wildly used in wedding stage, small events or small concert and indoor events. The aluminum stage and beyond stage are very popular in some large concert events, the loading capacity be 850KGS/Sq.m, it always used together with lighting truss systems, these 2 kind of stage is stronger than the smart stage, the thickness of aluminum stage is 65mm, the thickness of beyond stage is 85mm.

The folding stage have its specail feature too, its legs are connected with the platform, but it is foldable, it no need to install and uninstall the legs one by one, many customers like that way.

RK portable stage outdoor concert stage sale

For RK stage, the hot sale model size 1×1m, 1×2m, 1.22×1.22m, 1.22×2.44m, heights from 0.2m to 2m all are available, if you need a stage, and with truss, please feel free to contact us.

RK portable stage outdoor concert stage sale

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