RK Easy to assemble and strong smart stage

This smart stage from RK, it is easy to assemble and strong load-bearing 750kgs/m².

At present, the cost of labor force is becoming expensive and expensive, so the market tends to be more convenient for the installation of various products. RK smart stage is a labor-saving stage that is easy to assemble l and disassemble, and has good load-bearing capacity- 750kgs/m². This stage has been popular in the market. Now I share with you some details of smart stage.

12ft×12ft smart stage:

smart stage

The basic information:

One full stage=stage panel + stage riser
Stage panel size 1×1m, 1×2m, 1.22×1.22m, 3ft×3ft, 4ft×4ft and custom-made.
Riser size range from 20cm to 100cm.
Popular panel finish carpet finish(Black, Dark gray and French gray), Industrial material and Tuffcoat finish.
ODM available
Factory delivery date 7-10 working days

Installation drawing:

smart stage

smart stage

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Smart Stage

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