Drape is a part of pipe and drape system, it is supported by crossbars (pipe and drape crossbar also is a part of pipe drape kit, ). The pipe and drape backdrop usually is made of velvet, hemp, pleuche and many other high quality materials.

Drapes as event backdrop or stage backdrop, are great for the most elegant and fancy events. Of course, all of drapes are flame-resistant for better safety.

RK the manufacturer offers pipe and drape curtains (drapes) with various colors for different needs, like wedding, trade show, concert...

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  • PIPE AND DRAPE (RK-TS712/7'-12' Adjustable Upright)
  • Pipe and Drape Kits backdrops for wedding and events
  • wholesale pipe and drape(RK-TS916 /9'-16' Adjustable Upright
  • Aluminum Pipe and Drape Drapery Backdrop
  • wholesale pipe drape for photo booth
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